This site has gone through a lot of changes, it once was in Tumblr as (later Back then, the site was called Penguindrum.

I do regret to not taking screenshots to my sites, but in this screenshot you can see one of the styles that had my diary. The following picture was the background:

Nowadays, this site is a merge of two different sites, Penguindrum and a guide project started as zcat, which had its own domain: , thanks to Web Archive here you can see how this site looked when it was created: Link

Notice in the menu "My Chronicles" , that was actually Penguindrum.

After creating (see the first picture) , I migrated my diary to Wordpress, it was, it was pretty girly, cute and pink.
Finally I merged zcat and penguindrum as, as in november of 2017 became, and so is redirecting here.

I first time I made a full Gentoo installation was in 27 December, 2014.

This is a commemorative and unpublished picture that is the last screenshot of my first installation of Gentoo (I formatted my hard disk), this screenshot is from 31 July, 2016 ; there in the file Browser are video files, but only it's possible to read two characters, Pr, actually that are the episodes of Princess Tutu which I watched in that Summer. Loved that anime and inspired me to my nickname princessgentoo.

I have lost several things, I really miss the past. I don't want to keep losing more things.